• Ayu-mi-x ll non-stop megamix

    Ayu-mi-x ll non-stop megamix


    DISC 1
    01. kanariya "Main Radio Mix"
    02. Fly high "Vincent De Moor Remix Radio Edit"
    03. WHATEVER "Ferry 'System F' Corsten Vocal Edit Mix"
    04. appears "Junior's Appears On The Air"
    05. Boys & Girls "Rhythm Masters Vocal 7inch Mix"
    06. And then "Rhythm Masters Vocal 7inch Mix"
    07. too late "Soul Solution Remix"
    08. Boys & Girls "Main Radio Mix"
    09. Trauma "Thunderpuss remix"
    10. End roll "Mumu Dub Mix"
    11. Fly high "SAMPLE MADNESS REMIX2"
    12. monochrome "Orb 7"Vocal Mix"
    13. Who.. "Who Dub It?"
    14. TO BE "Acoustic Orchestra version"
    16. Boys & Girls "Inskadisco mix"
    17. too late "LaB LIFe Remix"
    18. And then "Future Disc Mix"
    19 .immature "CLUB BAHIA MIX"
    20. P.S II "Dub's Kingship Remix"
    21. appears "DJ-TURBO Remix"
    22. Fly high "Groove That Sped Mix"
    23. monochrome "D-Z WHITE INSTICT Mix"
    25. End roll "da urban maesto mix"
    26. Who... "Blue Obsession Mix"

    DISC 2
    01. Far away "HAL'S MIX 2000"
    02. Prologue "Hybrid Remix"
    03. Who... "Who Dub It?-Main Mix-"
    04. And then "VOICE SPECTRAL MIX"
    05. immature "AM3:30 stylus Dub"
    06. kanariya "NEUTRAL TRIGGER EDIT"
    07. kanariya "engrave mix"
    08. kanariya "W4M Peace&Be Wild Mix"
    09. Fly high "I.M. Remix"
    10. Fly high "Higher and higher mix"
    11. Fly high "POP 'e.a' Mix"

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